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You've reached the official website of upstate New York rock cover band My New Obsession. We're glad you're here! Visiting us for the first time? Be sure to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK PAGE so that we can keep you up-to-date!

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5/18/2010 - FACEBOOK: We're requesting everyone that's a member of our Facebook GROUP switch over to become a fan ("LIKE") our Facebook PAGE. This will increase our rankings on ReverbNation and help us publish events on other sites as well as allow us to keep in better contact with our friends... thanks!

4/16/2010 - PERFORMANCE: Our first public show was a success! Many thanks to Mike and Sarah of the Blarney Stone Pub, Mark Norfolk for making us sound great, Mark Sherwood, and of course The Wonder Twins for a great surprise birthday setup for Connie! Come on out and see us again soon!

4/7/2010 - SCHEDULE: MNO to play On The Roxx on Saturday May 22nd, 2010.

4/5/2010 - WEBSITE: Added Steve's information to our Bios page.

4/3/2010 - SCHEDULE: MNO to play The Georgetown Inn on June 18th, 2010.

3/29/2010 - SCHEDULE: MNO to play private wedding reception in Oneonta NY on August 14th, 2010.

3/3/2010 - FACEBOOK: We reached 100 members in our facebook group just a couple days ago, and we now have 28 confirmed guests for our first gig! Looking forward to a great jam at The Pub!

2/22/2010 - FRIENDS OF MNO: Got a chance to see both Solar Funk Society and Thistle Dew this past weekend... awesome job from both! Norwich does indeed have some great musicians. Also got some patch programming done yesterday - got some great guitar sounds happening, can't wait to get out there and play!

2/20/2010 - REHEARSALS: Had a great 3-piece rehearsal Saturday; added three new songs!

2/18/2010 - SCHEDULE: Our first gig is booked! Check out our Schedule page for complete details.

2/9/2010 - WEBSITE: Added JR's info to our Bios page.

2/8/2010 - FRIENDS OF MNO: Three of us had the opportunity to see Solar Funk Society at the Honky Tonk in Sherburne this weekend... nice work folks!! A definite must-see -- great voice, excellent guitar work -- a solid band!

2/7/2010 - WEBSITE: Website theme and content was updated today; highlights include new "Obsession" theme, a sound clip, new pages for bios, schedule, merchandise, and FAQs. Be sure to let us know what you think using our Contact Us page!

2/5/2010 - MERCHANDISE: Samples arrive this week. If we're satisfied with the quality and accuracy, we'll be putting it all up for sale very soon!

2/4/2010 - REHEARSALS: Full repertoire has been determined, and we have only 3 more songs to run through and we will have three full sets, at one hour each. Then it's clean and tweak, and get ready to do our thing!